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Whirlpool® Dishwasher with Resource-Efficient Wash System

Industry's Most Energy Efficient Dishwashers

Use nearly 1/2 less water and energy without compromising performance.

Flexible Capacity

Easily wash large or odd shaped items with Whirlpool brand's new line of dishwashers. With features like adjustable upper racks, AnyWare™ Plus silverware basket and the industry-exclusive EZ Adjustable tines you'll have enouch space to clean up after your next family meal or gathering and use the 15-place setting capacity to its fullest.

No One Has Fewer Repairs 17 Years In A Row

Whirlpool® dishwashers are designed to endure repeated use and to deliver years of reliable performance. No one has fewer dishwasher repairs 17 years in a row.

H: 34 1/2"   W: 23 7/8"   D: 24 1/2"
Biscuit - WDF530PAYT


MSRP $499.00

MSRP $499.00