Whirlpool® 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave with Add 30 Seconds Option

Fits easily into corners to maximize counter space

This sleek microwave's unique rounded back allows it to fit into corners, making it ideal for tight spaces like small kitchens and dorm rooms.

Fits A Full Dinner Plate

This microwave can fit a full 11" dinner plate thanks to a glass turntable that is larger than those in standard comparable microwaves.

Tap Touch Controls

Easy-to-clean Tap Touch controls give this model a sense of modern style.

  • H: 14 1/8"   W: 15 3/8"   D: 13 3/4"
    Black - WMC20005YB White - WMC20005YW Silver - WMC20005YD

    MSRP $139.00