2.0 cu. ft. Compact Front Load Washer with Time Remaining Display

MSRP $799.00


Keep Operational Sounds Inside the Washer

With the Quiet Wash noise reduction system, sound-absorbing materials around the wash basket or drum reduce operational noise.

Flexible Installation - Under a Standard Countertop, Freestanding or Stacked

Quiet Wash Sound Package

Innovative noise reducing technology brings the beauty of silence to the laundry room. Choose a washer with the quiet wash package that meets your needs; Ultra Quiet Wash, Quiet Wash Plus and Quiet Wash. All three packages are remarkable for what they don't do - make noise.

Ultra Quiet Wash: Our quietest wash system ever. Strategically-placed, sound absorbing materials on the front, sides and bottom of the washer cabinet, along with a quieter hose design, gives you the flexibility to operate the washer wherever and whenever without disruption.

Quiet Wash Plus: Sound-absorbing materials on the front, sides and bottom of the cabinet help keep operational sounds inside the washer and out of your daily life.

Quiet Wash: Helps reduce operational noise with a sound-absorbing pad on the front of the washer cabinet.

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H: 32.9"   W: 23.4"   D: 24"
White - WFC7500VW
MSRP $799.00