Whirlpool GoldĀ® 36-inch Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop with Tap Touch Controls


36" 5 Element Electric Cooktop

Easy-Wipe Ceramic Glass Cooktop

The ceramic glass cooktop provides an ideal space for cooking and easy cleanup.

Tap Touch Controls

Easy-to-use Tap Touch controls feature an intuitive design that makes precisely controlling both high and low temperatures easy. They also create a smooth, sleek surface that is easy to clean.

H: 3 3/4"   W: 36 5/16"   D: 20 9/16"
Black - G9CE3675XB Stainless Steel - G9CE3675XS


MSRP $1,349.00

MSRP $1,349.00
Stainless Steel
MSRP $1,449.00