Question: Leaking water - Front-load washer


Is the washer leaking at the hose connections? Are the gaskets missing from the hoses?

Check to see if the washer is leaking where the inlet hoses are connected to the washer and to the faucet. Make sure both ends of both inlet hoses contain the hose washers that came in the parts bag with the washer. Make sure all the connections are tight. If necessary, tighten the connections to avoid leaks. See the Installation Instructions for details; enter your model number in the search tool below to find them.

Is the drain hose loose? Are there signs of the household drain backing up?

The drain system can be a source of leaks:

  • Make sure the household drain is not backing up. Check for restricted drains. The sink and drainpipe must be able to carry away 17 gallons (64 L) of water per minute. If clogged or slow, the water can back up out of the drainpipe or sink.
  • Check the household plumbing (laundry tub, faucets, drainpipe and water pipes) for leaks.
  • The drain hose should be secure, but not sealed, in the drainpipe. Securing the drain hose will keep it from coming loose from the drain. See the Installation Instructions for details; enter your model number in the search tool below to find them.

Are you using HE High Efficiency detergent? 

Always use only HE detergent. Using non-HE detergent or more than the manufacturer's recommended amount of detergent can cause excessive suds. The excess suds can leak from the rear of the washer.

 Leaking from the Rear of the Machine - Front-load Washer


See also: Why HE High Efficiency detergent is required.

Are you using Single Dose Laundry Packets?

If using Single Dose Laundry Packets (such as Tide Pods), be sure to follow all manufacturers instructions. Place the packet inside the basket before adding clothes. Never place packet in the dispenser drawer.


Is the dispenser drawer clogged? 

A clogged dispenser can block the flow of water through the dispenser and cause water to leak. Manually remove the dispenser, and clean any remaining detergent or additives that could clog the flow of water through the dispenser. Also, make sure the detergent drawer is always completely closed during the cycle. If the drawer is not completely closed, water can leak onto the floor.

Is the door seal dirty? 

A dirty door seal can cause a leak. Remove and clean any dirt or deposits around the inner door seal with a damp cloth. The door glass seals against the rubber seal; dirt or deposits can prevent a proper seal and cause leaks.


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