A better way to wash and dry

By sensing and adapting to your clothes, the Whirlpool®
Duet® pair keeps them looking newer, longer*. With Duet’s
advanced features, colors stay vibrant and the fit stays
true. Making timeless style simple.

*Compared to traditional top load washers.
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Washer Demo
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Duet® Washer | Model: WFW96HEA

“I love the fact that I do not have to worry about how much detergent to put in because of the automatic dispensing.”
- Susan2629


Practically hands free

Now efficient washing and drying is easier than ever. The intuitive Precision
Dispense Ultra reservoir delivers the perfect dose of detergent for up to 12
loads in just one filling*. And Dynamic Venting Technology will wash then
dry small loads – without switching machines.

*Based on 2X concentration of HE detergent.

Protect color

Experience less fading* with Adaptive Wash Technology.
The 14 adaptive wash actions ensure that every load gets
just what it needs. From the right cycle to the right wash water
temperature, the Duet washer intuitively adapts to your clothes
to keep colors more vibrant, wash after wash.

*Compared to traditional top load washers

Perfectly dry the first time around.

Advanced Moisture Sensing monitors incoming and outgoing
air temperatures and moisture balance to set gentle but
effective drying levels for each load – saving time and energy.
Wrinkles tumble away fast and easy, too. With Steam Refresh,
clothes will be ready to go the moment you are.

The Whirlpool® Duet®
washer and dryer

*Compared to traditional top load washers.