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Duet® High Efficiency Electric Dryer with Quick Refresh steam cycle


Get the power of steam on your side. This 7.4 cu. ft. electric dryer features 6th Sense™ technology to intelligently analyze your laundry and automatically adjust the features for just the right touch. The Advanced Moisture Sensing system measures temperature and moisture levels, so the dryer stops itself when clothes are dry to save energy. The dryer also has the Quick Refresh steam cycle and Wrinkle Shield™ Plus control setting, which periodically tumbles clothes to help prevent wrinkles from setting in. This model also features eight automatic cycles and five temperature settings, giving you plenty of control over your drying.

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Ventilation Specification

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Accessories You'll Need

Part # PT220L
The 4' Dryer Cord has a 3 prong plug and includes an adjustable strain relief bracket. The cord has ring terminal connectors that ensure the cord stays connected, and the heavy duty insulation prevents kinking and cracking for long-lasting durability. This UL-listed cord is stringently tested for household safety.
MSRP: $14.99
Part # PT400L
The 4' Dryer Cord has a 4 prong plug and includes an adjustable strain relief bracket. The cord has ring terminal connectors that ensure the cord stays connected, and the heavy duty insulation prevents kinking and cracking for long-lasting durability. This UL-listed cord is stringently tested for household safety.
MSRP: $16.49
Part # PT600L
This cord has it all! It conveniently contains 4 wires, 30 Amps, and has a 6 foot UL-approved dryer power cord. All of these cords are approved for use on all dryers. Using this New Power Cord will ensure a safe dryer installation that meets electrical requirements.
MSRP: $19.99

Accessories You'll Want

Part # W10298318RP
Maximize laundry space by stacking the dryer on top of the Washer with the Stack Kit. Installation instructions are included, and all that is needed are basic tools to complete the installation.
MSRP: $20.99
Part # W10323246
This Universal, midnight gray, 4 way vent kit is to be used when venting is in positions other than the back of the dryer. This kit is for models WE/GD94. 95, 97HEX & ME/GD6000,7000X.
MSRP: $49.99
Part # W10322470A
Use the dryer rack to dry items that shouldn't be tumbled, such as sweaters, ball caps, footwear, delicates, stuffed animals, and more. Simply place the rack inside the dryer, and enjoy gentle tumble-free drying. This rack is specifically designed for models WE/GD94. 95, 97HEX & ME/GD6000,7000X.
MSRP: $29.99

Replacement Parts

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Top Features

7.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity

Quick Refresh Steam Cycle

Tumbles 2-5 items in the dryer, letting steam technology relax wrinkles and remove odors. In just 15 minutes, clothes go from lying there to ready-to-wear.

Wrinkle Shield™ Plus Option (up to 120 minutes)

Tumbles the dryer every 5 minutes after the cycle is complete to help prevent wrinkles from setting into clean, dry fabrics. The intermittent tumbling continues for the designated time or until the door is opened.

Additional Features

Quiet Dry Plus Noise Reduction System

Sound-absorbing materials are strategically placed around the dryer drum to help reduce operational noise.

Direct Water Installation Method

A "Y" connector delivers water from washer's existing water line directly to the dryer for easier installation and hassle-free steaming.

8 Automatic Cycles

5 Temperature Settings

Heavy Duty Cycle


Normal Cycle

Dry everyday items like work clothes and sheets with the Normal cycle.

Delicate Cycle

Cares for lingerie and other delicate fabrics by drying them at a low temperature.

Quick Dry Cycle

Timed Dry

Allows you to run the dryer for a set period of time to help synchronize your washing and drying process.

Quad Baffles

Four shorter, staggered baffles increase the effectiveness of the dryer for small loads and promote better, more balanced tumbling.

LED Display

Provides easy selection for all options, displays time remaining and status for the cycle.

Reversible Door

The reversible door gives you the flexibility to set the dryer door to open to the right or to the left, depending on what best suits your laundry space.

Adjustable End-of-Cycle Signal

Avoid leaving items in the dryer with the adjustable end-of-cycle signal. Thanks to a helpful tone, you'll know when your dry cycle is finished. You can even adjust the volume if you'd like, or completely turn it off.

Estimated Time Remaining LED Display

Displays the estimated time remaining in the cycle, counting down until it is finished.

6th Sense™ technology

Whirlpool exclusive 6th Sense™ technology senses and manages what was once beyond your control. A combination of features provide the ultimate cleaning, gentleness, and efficiency.

Stainless Steel Drum

Interior Drum Light

Interior drum light allows you to see inside the dryer for easy loading and unloading.

EcoBoost™ Option

The EcoBoost™ option saves energy by using less heat and extending cycle time. You’ll enjoy great drying performance while using less energy.

Advanced Moisture Sensing System

Three built-in sensors read incoming air temperature and outgoing air temperature while monitoring moisture levels inside the dryer. This helps the drying cycle end when everything is perfectly dry, saving time and energy and helping to prevent overdrying.

Configuration and Overview

ADA Compliant
ADA Height and Side and Front Reach Compliant
Dryer Fuel Type


Washer Capacity (DOE)
7.4 Cu. Ft.


29 1/2
38 1/8

Product Dimensions

  • 29 1/2
  • 38 1/8
  • 27

Dimensions are for planning purposes only.
For complete information, visit service and support.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 38 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by Would rather have my old dryer! I am writing about both washer and dryer because they came as a pair and are SUPPOSED to function as a pair. At first I was very excited to get my new Duet washer and dryer because of the larger capacity (matching set), but found the load has to be a FULL load every time, AND balanced, in order for the spin cycle to function properly. The clothes get terribly twisted and if not balanced it will NOT go through the spin cycle and the clothes are drenched and soapy! Instead of "prolonging the life" of my clothes, they are getting ruined. The dryer, even on the steam cycle does NOT take out the wrinkles! In fact, the clothes also get twisted in the dryer and come out looking horrible! Also I cannot adjust the temperature setting on many of the drying cycles. I was hesitant to purchase a Whirlpool, but was talked into it by the salesperson who assured me that Whirlpool had worked out all of its "bugs". Unfortunately, I consider my purchase of this set to be a VERY expensive mistake. Kicking my self every time I do laundry! October 21, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by This product is very energy efficient I really love my new washer and dryer. THey are very quiet, my wash is cleaner, I use less laundry soap and less softner and I don't have to use a secondary bleach for colored clothes as often. And I really love the sensing technology. It has a really cool feature to get my whites really white and the eco boost is really awesome!! Heres my most favorite fact about my new washer and dryer is, it has really lowered my electric and my water bill. My electric bill has been on the average $30.00 less and my water bill about $3.50 less each month since I bought them. Thats a total of approximately $33.50 each month and that adds up to $402.00 a year!! That doesn't include my savings on my detergents and softners!!! These appliances will definetly pay for themselves over time. I'll be honest, I was very skeptical about buying them, and I am very glad I didn't listen to myself, I actually listened to my HUSBAND!!! November 7, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by I Love My Washer & Dryer I absolutely love my washer & dryer. There is so much that I love about my washer & dryer there isn't enough space for me to write a complete review!!! I have a family of 6. We have 4 very active teenagers that are very active in sports. They are always bringing home their nasty sweaty clothes to be washed and these duo's do a great job. We had a top load washer & dryer for 14 years and it just wasn't able to handle the amount of laundry we had to do and it wasn't getting them clean. But, since we purchased these I don't dread doing laundry and our clothes are very clean and smell great. My oldest twin daughter is always telling me know "Moma I love to just smell my clothes, they smell so good." That made my day!!! I don't regret it at all for purchasing these washers. They are great!!! October 21, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by This product has great features I have now owned the 94HEX washer and dryer for four months. I couldn't be more happy. They have excellent features. For example, the lighting setup is fantastic. The product lets you know when a cycle is done so you can start another batch of laundry. The steam cycle on the dryer is one of my favorites. If you have a wrinkled item just throw it in this cycle for a few minutes and it will come out ready to wear. October 21, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Loving all the features! The steam option is awesome and the amount we can get done at one time has been a real blessing! Also the lint filter indicator light is really great as we would frequent forget to check it on our old dryer which I am sure forced the dryer to run less efficient. Love the bases as well as it sits the unit high enough for tall people like me! A++ October 30, 2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Love our new dryer! We love our dryer! The only thing I dislike is that I dry my clothes on delicate and it can take up to twice as long as the time it says. Other than that, we wouldn't change a thing! October 20, 2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Dryer has great features Dryer has great features, dries clothes, easy to use, sounds when completed, January 4, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by excellent dryer I did not know what I was missing until I used this dryer for the first time. I love the steam feature to refresh laundry or dry clean. Excellent dryer with lots of features and is energy saving. December 24, 2013
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