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1.7 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven


The recessed glass turntable in this generously sized 1.7 cu. ft. countertop microwave handles larger items like cooking bowls so you can prepare caramel corn, party mix, or soups. The MaxWave™ cooking system gives you accurate results fast, as the system releases gentle, uniform heat from multiple points so you get a fully cooked meal in minutes. Plus, sensor cooking enabled by 6th Sense® technology simplifies cooking and reheating. Just push a button and the sensor tracks the progress of your food and automatically adjusts the cooking time as needed, so you don't have to. And the Warm Hold cycle can keep your food at the right temperature, helping ensure every dish will be ready at the same time. It's your cooking, done fast and done right.

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Accessories You'll Want

Part # W10355016
Affresh™ stainless steel cleaner leaves a streak-free and polished shine. It gently cleans fingerprints, smudges and residue. Use stainless steel cleaner on refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, and microwaves.
MSRP: $6.99

Top Features

One Touch Cooking Gets It Done

Just press the Jet Start™ button and the microwave starts to cook for 30 seconds at 100 percent power. You can also add time to a manual setting in progress.

Precision and Speed Means You Can Enjoy a Meal in Just a Few Minutes

The Maxwave™ cooking system releases microwave energy from multiple points inside the oven cavity helping ensure food is cooked without cold centers or overdone edges.

Rated a "Recommended Buy" for performance by a leading consumer magazine.

Additional Features

1.7 cu. ft. Capacity

1,200 Watts Cooking Power

Our countertop microwaves provide from 700 to 1,200 watts of power, so there's one that's right for your kitchen no matter what your cooking requirements.

Maxwave™ Cooking System

Maximum convenience. Whirlpool® Microwaves give you more solutions and options in your day. Microwave ovens with the Maxwave™ system allow you to cook everything quickly, and evenly. From potatoes to pizza. The unique system releases microwave energy from multiple points inside the oven cavity. Uniform cooking ensures your food is cooked throughout, without cold centers or overdone edges. Precision and speed means you can enjoy a meal in just a few minutes.

- Heats food gently and uniformly
- Defrosts without frozen centers or overdone edges

Auto Defrost

Sensor Reheat

Sensor Cooking Cycles

Cook with confidence using our one-touch sensor cycles. The microwave automatically adjusts times and temperatures during cooking for a variety of foods, from popcorn to casseroles.

Jet Start™ Control - 30 Seconds

One Touch cooking versatility! Each time you press the Jet Start™ button, the microwave is set to cook for 30 seconds at 100% power. You can also use this feature to add time to a manual setting in progress.

Warm Hold Cycle

Make sure every dish is ready at the same time. Warm Hold keeps food warm until you're ready to serve it.

Staged Cooking

Multiple power levels and multiple durations give you the versatility to prepare all types of food, from frozen pizza to pot roast-quickly, easily and deliciously.

10-Level Variable Cooking Power Control

Electronic Child Lockout Feature

When activated, the electronic child lockout feature disables all electronic control buttons to prevent children from accidentally turning on the oven.

Recessed Glass Turntable

Optional Trim Kit Available

For a 27" opening - Trim kit model# is MK1177XP

For a 30" opening - Trim kit model# is MK1170XP

Sensor Cooking

Automatically adjusts time for optimal results.

Designed for countertops

Countertop models can be placed on any stable surface.

Configuration and Overview

Cooking Power Wattage
Quick Touch Settings
Cook Time, Defrost, Popcorn, Reheat, Warm Hold
Sensor Cooking


Turntable Diameter



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