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Whirlpool Gold® 1.8 cu. ft. Microwave-Range Hood Combination


Bake. Roast. Do it all. This Whirlpool Gold® 1.8 cu. ft. microwave-range hood combination helps you get food to the table fast. The TimeSavor™ Plus true convection cooking system lets you cook 30 percent faster than traditional thermal-bake ovens, using a third heating element to help seal in flavor and juices. You can also steam rice, fish, or vegetables with the SureMist® microwave steamer. Plus, the AccuSimmer® cycle quickly boils liquids, then automatically reduces the heat to a delicate simmer to avoid splatters, while sensor cooking enabled by 6th Sense® technology tracks the progress of your food for you. Then, the CleanRelease® non-stick interior makes cleanup a breeze. It's fast cooking, done right.

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Accessories You'll Want

Part # 31682
Use the powerful cleaning action of All Purpose Appliance cleaner to cut through the grease and grime on kitchen and laundry room appliances and countertops. It leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent. All Purpose Appliance Cleaner is not recommended for stainless steel surfaces.
MSRP: $4.99
Part # 8206230A
Replace your charcoal microwave hood filter every 6 months to improve air circulation and remove odors. Dimensions are 5" by 5.375" by 0.375". Measure your current filter to assure correct replacement.
MSRP: $7.99
Part # 8171339
This Microwave Filler Kit is the perfect solution for installing a 30" microwave in a 36" opening. Simply install the Microwave Filler Kit and its components on both sides of the microwave to fill the space on each side.
MSRP: $219.99
Part # W10355010
Use the powerful cleaning action of affresh™ Kitchen & Appliance Cleaner to cut through the residue and leaves a streak-free shine. It leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent. Cleans everyday kitchen spills.
MSRP: $4.99
Part # 31462A
Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaner and Polish keeps stainless steel surfaces shining like new. Its powerful, no-shake formula works great on all appliances by removing food spills, grime, and stains. Stainless Steel Appliance Cleaner and Polish also works on grills and sinks.
MSRP: $6.99

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Top Features

Roast Up to 30 Percent Faster Than Traditional Thermal-Bake Ovens

Roast up 30 percent faster than a traditional oven with TimeSavor™ Plus true convection. It uses a fan and heating element to circulate heated air around food to seal in flavor.

Cook Faster and More Efficiently Than You Ever Thought Possible

Sensor cooking enabled by 6th Sense™ technology adjusts time and temperature as food cooks.

Non-Stick Interior Cleans Up with a Quick Wipe

No special cleaning solution required. A quick wipe with a damp sponge is all you need to remove spills and splatters from the CleanRelease® non-stick interior.

Additional Features

This Microwave Stays Out of Your Way as it Multitasks

Multitask without sacrificing counterspace with this microwave-range hood combination. It cooks while it clears the air in your kitchen.

TimeSavor™ Plus true convection cooking system

CleanRelease® interior

The industry’s first silver metallic, non-stick interior requires no special cleaners—a damp cloth or sponge is all that’s needed to remove cooked-on spills and splashes. Now you can clean up all types of splatters quickly and easily.

1.8 cu. ft. Family Capacity™ Microwave

Family Capacity™ ovens can accommodate up to four full-sized dinner plates. All Family Capacity™ microwaves use a sunken turntable and bi-level cooking rack to offer extra space for up to four dinner plates.

1,100 Watts Cooking Power

With up to 1,100 watts of cooking power, Whirlpool® microwaves offer the flexibility you need to heat all types of food, from macaroni and cheese to corn on the cob, quickly and easily.

Hidden Vent

Streamline the appearance of the microwave exterior with a hidden vent that also simplifies cleaning.

Steam Cooking

Create more space on the cooktop. Now you can steam conveniently in the microwave for delicious, healthy meals with our dishwasher safe microwave steamer. Enjoy flaky fish, tender vegetables and fluffy rice quickly and easily without the hassle or bulk of cooktop steamers.

Sensor Cooking

Take the guesswork out of microwave meals. You can cook with confidence, knowing that a built-in sensor monitors the humidity level of food for you, adjusting time and temperature as needed during the cooking process.

AccuSimmer® cycle

Simmer sauces or soups with a built-in sensor system that quickly boils liquids, then automatically reduces the heat to a delicate simmer to help prevent splatters.

Kids Menu

Cooks a variety of kid-friendly foods with preprogrammed cycles that are activated by the push of a button. With menu selections like hot dogs and chicken nuggets, children can easily prepare their own pre-game dinners or after-school snacks.

Soften & Melt cycles

Soften butter for baked goods without melting or splattering. Melt chocolate without scorching the edges. Gentle, even heat does both beautifully.

Recessed, Stoppable Glass Turntable

The recessed turntable handles larger items like cooking bowls so you can prepare caramel corn, party mix or soups in the microwave. The turntable can be safely stopped with the touch of a button.

4-Speed fan/300 CFM

4 variable fan-speed settings let you match the right amount of ventilation to the dish being prepared.

Night-light setting

Gently illuminates the kitchen area for safe visibility at night.

Auto Cook, Defrost and Reheat Cycles

Easily and evenly cook, defrost or reheat items with the push of a button.

Staged cooking

Allows you to custom program multiple power levels and cooking durations without the need to keep "watch" over the microwave. Ideal for dishes requiring temperature changes mid-cooking, like frozen family entrees.

Convertible ventilation

Provides installation flexibility by exhausting odors outside through existing ventilation ductwork or by filtering and recirculating them indoors for homes without.

Filter Change Indicator

No more guessing about when you need to change a filter. The filter change indicator informs you when it's time to change the filter so air stays fresher.

SureMist® steamer (included)

Provides the perfect vehicle for microwave steaming. Works in tandem with the steaming function to conveniently prepare foods such as rice, vegetables and fish with healthy, pleasing results.

EZ-Vue™ lighting

Provides illumination above the range with three brightness settings, including a night-light option. Replacement bulbs change out easily.

10 Power Levels

TimeSavor™ Plus True Convection Cooking System

TimeSavor™ Plus true convection seals in flavors and juices using a fan and heating element that circulate preheated air over, under and around food for moist cakes and juicy meats.

Designed to place over a range

Configuration and Overview

Microwave Type
Quick Touch Settings
Baked Potato, Beverage, Convect Bake, Convect Roast, Cook, Cook Power, Cook Time, Defrost, Dinner Plate, Kids Menu, Popcorn, Quick Defrost, Reheat, Soften/Melt, Steam Cook, Warm Hold
Convection Wattage
Sensor Cooking
Cooking Power Wattage

Style and Extras

Grease Filter




29 15/16
17 1/4

Product Dimensions

  • 16
  • 17 1/4
  • 29 15/16

Dimensions are for planning purposes only.
For complete information, visit service and support.

Rated 3.3 out of 5 by 23 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Clean-up has never been so easy! I love the CleanRelease feature of this unit! So easy to wipe up, no excuses to not have a clean interior. The built in sensors are so convenient to use and the lighting underneath gives me the perfect glow on the back of my cooktop. You'll love this microwave! November 2, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Wont last a year after purchase We bought it in Feb. October it went out with the troubleshooting code F7. The lady at the warrenty line says there is no such code and that we are making it up. After arguing for over 30 minutes, they agree to send someone out. Repairman comes out and unplugs it and plugs it back in. He says there is nothing wrong. The next month when he had to come out again because it was not working, he couldn't figure out what was wrong and said he had to order parts. January we call him again asking where he was, and he said the parts just came in. He is busy until the end of the month. We schedule a date at the end of January when he can come. He stands us up and wont return our call for 2 weeks. We call Whirlpool back and tell them this is unacceptable. They tell us too bad, we are outside of our 1 year factory warrenty so we can buy an extended warrenty for $279 and they will fix it. Otherwise it is on us. All around a miserable experienece. So for the last 8 months we have been using our countertop microwave from a different manufacturer and had no issues. September 17, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by A wonderful appliance which surpassed my expectation. We went to the appliance store looking for a microwave oven and a wall oven to replace the old ones that we needed to replace.. We didn't realize that such a combination appliance existed, and now that we have it we count it a real blessing. We are still experimenting with all of the uses of this wonderful new addition to our kitchen. My wife and I have been married for over 57 years and this is one of the nicest appliances that we have ever owned. I wanted an oven that my wife could use while standing instead of bending over and I got it. March 27, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not too happy with it! It's hard to find a microwave that is 1100-1200 watts; that is why I bought this one. There are so many features on this microwave that I never use and the feature buttons are hard to read. The second time I used my convection oven, it blew an internal fuse so I had to have someone come out. While he was fixing it, I asked him why the microwave is so sounds like something is rolling around the plate inside. He said I needed a new turntable motor so I had to schedule another appointment for that and it was only 2 months old. Another problem I am having is using my presto pop popcorn maker. I can make the first batch just fine but when I go to make a second batch, It won't pop at all. I found out I have to let the bowl cool off completely before it will pop the popcorn. This is the only microwave that this happens to. I've been using a presto pop popcorn maker for over 12 years...almost every night so this is quit frustrating. Why can't they make microwaves like they used to years ago. They had very few features and they lived much longer. September 23, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Very, Very Disappointed Have had unit right at 24 months and magnatron went out and must be replaced. Repair with parts and labor costs almost as much as the original new price and I can certainly get a good model at half the price. If you DO NOT USE Convection very often then DO NOT purchase a unit with it - not worth the money. This particular unit appears to have a major magnatron flaw for I have seen MANY complaints both on this site and on Consumer Reports. The company needs to discontinue or redesign this unit. To pay $500 for a microwave you expect it to last a little longer than 24 months average use. January 9, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Don't waste your money I have had nothing but problems with this unit. The magnetron has gone out twice in less than 2 years (as reported by several others as well). Cost almost $200 to fix the first time, I will not replace it again (and again and again) - I prefer to spend my money on a unit that will not require me to repair it every year. The maintenance plan cost does not justify the repair expense here, besides, why should a brand new unit break twice in less than 2 years? January 3, 2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Great style, but very disappointed in quality We purchased this microwave because it matched our other kitchen appliances. It looks great and has a ton of features, and when it is working it is amazing! However, we have had it 10 months and the magnetron has gone out twice. We use the microwave portion approx. once per day and have not yet used the convection feature, but right now I am pretty disappointed overall. December 28, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by very disappointed I bought all new whirlpool appliances for my home a year and a half ago, and this microwave has given me about 7 months working life before the magnatron went again, for the third time. There seems to be a great deal of problems with this microwave's magnatron. I'm very upset to have spent so much money on this product and the repairs, for so little service time. Now I still need a new microwave. March 14, 2012
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