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50 Pint Per Day Whirlpool Gold® Ultra Low Temp Basement Dehumidifier ENERGY STAR® Qualified


Remove moisture in temperatures as low as 38° F.! This ENERGY STAR® qualified Ultra Low Temperature dehumidifier removes 50 pints of moisture per 24 hours. Ideal for use in wet areas such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, basements, pool houses and summer homes.

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Top Features

ENERGY STAR® Qualified

Energy savings-an important consideration. Especially with a hard-working appliance like your Whirlpool® Dehumidifier. Whirlpool® offers energy solutions with dehumidifiers that are ENERGY STAR® qualified and operate more efficiently than government standards, giving you substantial savings in energy costs over standard dehumidifiers. To find an energy-efficient dehumidifier look for the ENERGY STAR® mark. A dehumidifier boasting ENERGY STAR® qualification shows that it meets or exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency's highest standards for energy efficiency.

Whirlpool® Dehumidifiers with ENERGY STAR® Qualification:
- Operate more efficiently than minimum government standards require
- Provide significant savings in energy costs for you

AccuDry™ Sensing System

Smarter than average. Whirlpool brand's unique AccuDry™ System revolutionizes air moisture removal. Rather than sensing air moisture levels after dehumidification, like most brands, AccuDry™ senses moisture before it is removed. This allows the dehumidifier to cycle on and off more regularly, providing reliable moisture control. And, the AccuDry™ System exhausts out the back of the unit preventing warm air from blowing directly into the room. Smart innovations to make you more comfortable.

AccuDry™ System:
- Accurately senses air moisture
- Unique system allows dehumidifier to cycle on and off more regularly
- Back of unit exhaust keeps warm air from blowing directly into the room

50-Pint Moisture Removal/24 Hours

Additional Features

Operates as Low as 38° F.

2 Fan Speeds

Adjustable Humidistat

The adjustable humidity control allows you to choose the dryness of the room for your family's comfort. The dehumidifier will cycle on and off to maintain your selected level of dryness and comfort.

EZ-Empty™ Front Removable Bucket

The front removable EZ-Empty™ Bucket features side handles that allow you to grasp the bucket for easy removal and emptying without having to move the dehumidifier away from the wall to get at the bucket. The top spout helps keeps water from splattering while you empty the bucket.

Automatic Bucket Full Shut-Off

Bucket Full Indicator Light

Our smart dehumidifiers know when they are full. The Bucket Full Light tells you when it is time to empty the bucket and delays operation until you empty it.

Direct Drain Hose Connection

No more having to run downstairs to empty the dehumidifier bucket. The direct drain hose connection allows you to set up the dehumidifier and forget about it. This connector works with any garden hose to drain the bucket automatically into a sump or floor drain.

Continuous Run Mode

Easy Rollers® System

Four rollers are mounted on the base so you can easily move the unit where it is needed most.

Washable Electrostatic Filter

Some dehumidifier brands have electrostatic filters that must be thrown away and replaced after their maximum use. Whirlpool brand dehumidifiers feature an electrostatic filter that can easily be washed and returned to the unit for efficient filtration and performance.

This product has been discontinued, but there may be limited availability on our Outlet Store or at your local retailer. Please visit our Category page to view all of our current models.